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Guaranteed Flooring Services is your stop for the best brands of carpet in the area, we offer a large selection of styles and colors from leading carpet manufacturers. Carpet has never lost its popularity and is still considered to be the most cost effective choice in flooring. Carpet offers long-lasting style and warmth to any room call today for an appointment.

Warmth, Elegance & Comfort
We want to be your first choice for carpet - Call Today For An Appointment.
Nylon Carpet

DuPont Chemicals invented nylon in 1935. The first versions of nylon carpeting were a little rough and not very comfortable, but were extremely durable and easy to clean. The nylon carpets of today have come a long way from those early versions and is one of the most versatile carpeting options available in the market.
Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet has a reputation for stain and fade resistance and is a popular option for the budget-minded consumer. It possesses a number of the same qualities you would find in nylon carpet at a lower cost. Although it has many good features it is not the ideal solution for every carpeting need.
Soft Fiber Carpet

Soft Fiber Carpets are a relative newcomer in the flooring industry. These carpets have displayed many of the best qualities of other styles of carpeting and doesn't have many downsides. Some experts label soft fiber carpet as one of the best flooring options today.
Wool Carpet

Wool is an excellent carpeting option, particularly for those who have active children playing on the floor. Soft and strong, wool gives an elegant look to any room. Carpet choices are highly personal. We welcome you to ask questions. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision that you will absolutely love, for years to come.